Leading Change and Resolving Conflict






According to the Harvard Business School, around 70% of change efforts fail. Change, particularly if it is failing, can lead to stress and conflict which can cause distraction and discomfort in the workplace. If these leadership challenges are not successfully managed, they can further lead to a range of damaging and costly outcomes including sickness absence, increased staff turnover, fractured teams, reduced productivity and significant financial outlay. As leaders we can develop a pro-active approach to preventing the negative impact of these workplace issues by learning how to recognise stress in ourselves and others, understanding different responses to change and managing workplace conflict successfully.


In the current climate many companies are facing huge challenges and leaders are having to make unprecedented changes – changes which will almost certainly disrupt established patterns and networks and may therefore cause a range of negative responses from those affected. The human cost of failing to manage change and conflict effectively is huge – as is the financial cost.


In 2011-12 there were 186, 300 employment tribunal claims (MOJ 2012).

The 2011-12 Labour Force Survey recorded 428, 000 people suffering from stress, depression or anxiety.

The average cost of taking a grievance to appeal is £9000.

So it makes sense to develop the skills to deal with the human dimension of change! We can work with you to help you:

♦  Determine the change readiness of your team or organisation

♦  Understand why people respond differently to change

♦  Learn how to be an effective conflict manager

♦   Recognise and manage stress proactively

And – if all else fails – we are qualified to help you resolve workplace disputes through mediation, which has a 90% success rate.

We’ve worked with many organisations – large and small – who are implementing change. By focusing on the human dimension those organisations are better able to deal with the challenges they are facing. 

“Staff have a much greater awareness of the reasons behind the change and feel much better informed about and involved in it”.

- Senior Manager of Pharmaceutical Company

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