Understanding and Managing Self

Managing Self


Having a clear understanding of our own preferences, motivation and conflict triggers helps us to achieve a greater sense of satisfaction in the workplace, to develop and sustain relationships and to have greater impact as an individual, leader and team member.  



To do this it is important to be able to:

♦  Recognise and manage stress in ourselves and others

♦  Understand our own values, motivating factors, personal strengths and weaknesses

♦  And seek to improve how we lead and work with others (our leadership and team working roles).


We can help you to identify and understand these aspects of yourself through group workshops and one-to-one coaching. This will help you to participate actively in determining your own developmental needs.


Whether you want to:

♦  Increase your own self-awareness

♦  Explore preferred ways of learning and working

♦  Enhance your leadership credibility

♦  Or improve your personal organisation and prioritisation skills

Using tried and tested resources plus our in-depth experience of helping individuals enhance their self-knowledge, we’ll identify and build on what already works well and deal with any issues head on analysing your individual requirements and proposing solutions tailored to meet them.


Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about how to be the best you can, please contact me. We’ll spend some time discussing what you think you need and start to think actively about the benefits of investing in yourself and how our approach can improve the quality of your working life, your relationships, and your career prospects.

Simply email me or complete the form on our Contact Us page to arrange a no-obligation discussion.

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